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We have an interesting and comprehensive volunteer and internship training programme for tertiary students and young adults who are interested in youth ministry. There is great scope for creative and evangelistic expression when you assist us in the preparation, logistics and execution of the missions and retreats. The presence and zest of youth volunteers keep team relevant and motivated both in the planning and delivery of our programmes. We welcome and cherish all and every encounter with youth always and in all ways.



A Volunteer is a person who is not paid, but assists the Redemptorist Mission Team for a short period of time in a particular project, retreat or mission. Depending on the skill set of the volunteer, he/she assists in designing, preparing and be part in the execution of the programmes with the schools and other groups.



An intern is a person who is paid to work full-time for the Redemptorist Mission Team for a minimum period of one month. Some interns are hired to work on a particular project, while others are hired to work alongside our full time Youth Coordinator, reaching out to the youth.


For more information, please contact us at rmt@novenachurch.com