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A little glimpse.... from 2022-2023

Updated: Apr 9

Here is a little glimpse of some of the activities that involved the students involvement of their creativity in the missions/retreats!

Here are some main takeaways from the youths :)

"It's good to slow down and be quiet and think about the past year that has happened." - Sec 3 from St Nics (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School Sec 3 Day Of Recollection)

" I got to understand my relationship w God. " - P6 from Saint Joseph Bukit Timah Church (P6 Catholic Retreat)

" I hide my emotions from people, the main reason being the fear of getting nagged or scolded like, etc. And also nobody there to rly listen so during the retreat, i felt more heard and didn't have to hide the way i usually do. Since young I have always had stage fright, if I'm performing for a younger audience it's fine, but if it's like a whole sch or even just my class it's too Scary, sometimes i get dizzy, my voice cracks a lot, I sweat too much, and when I'm nervous I snap my fingers to try and cool my nerves. But the thing is I love to perform in front of ppl, I find it strange. But I'm rly gonna try and overcome it, so I signed up to perform for graduation, I'm super nervous but the retreat was rly a great opportunity for me to start on my journey on overcoming my fear😊🫶 " - Alexa from Saint Joseph Bukit Timah Church (P6 Catholic Retreat)

" It is okay to ask help. Your words can heal or hurt others, it depends on how you use it. If you focus on the small points you will never understand the big picture. Breaks are IMPORTANT! " - P6 from Marymount (Day Of Togetherness)

" The transition to secondary school will be fine, Don't worry about results. " - P6 from OLN (Garden Of Gracia)

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