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Fr. Terence Wee, CSsR


Fr. Terence is a Redemptorist priest and has been involved in the school mission since his formation years with the Redemptorists.  His background in the charismatic movement and various youth ministry involvements during his school and working years helped him to gain an insight into ministering to youths.

Fr. Terence joined the Redemptorist Mission Team as its Director in June 2014. 

Fr. Robin Lomangkok, CSsR


Fr. Robin is a Redemptorist priest who has enthusiastically worked with the youth.  He has contributed to their positive development in his ministry.  He has background in leadership skills, teambuilding and faith formation, with emphasis on the use of scriptures, music and arts.  His experience in the priestly ministry has helped him to gain an insight into the prevailing issues of the people whom he has journeyed with. 


Fr. Robin joined the RMT as its Co-Director in June 2019.

Mandy Marie Binney

Senior Youth Minister - Catholic Retreats

Mandy Marie Binney is a qualified secondary school teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Birmingham University, U.K. She was Head of Department for Religious Education in a Catholic school in Merseyside, England for eight years.


Mandy has coordinated programmes for youth at parish level and the RCIA supporting programmes back home in England. She served as school chaplain for four years prior to her coming to Singapore. Since her arrival in Singapore in 2013, Mandy has actively sort to involve herself in prayer and catechesis programmes of the Catholic Church.  In May 2015, she volunteered to assist the RMT in its missions and joined the team as a Youth Minister in October 2015.


Mandy is currently the Senior Youth Minister coordinating all Catholic Retreats and Special Events with the schools and other organizations.

Leroy Rafael Goh

Youth Minister - Catholic Retreats

Leroy is very actively involved in the youth activities at the churches, having volunteered in Youth Ministry in Church of St Joseph Church (Bukit Timah), facilitated retreats for confirmation camps since 2007, and represented Singapore for the youth gathering in Taiwan and Dubai in 2018.  He joined the RMT as Youth Minister in November 2018, after volunteering with the team on missions and retreats since June 2018.

Leroy is currently the Youth Minister assisting in co-ordinating all Catholic Retreats and Special Events with the schools and other organizations.

Br. Kenneth John Stigner, CSsR

Youth Minister - School Missions

Br. Ken is a Redemptorist of the Baltimore Province of Redemptorists in the United States.  He has been a Redemptorist since 2015 and has a passion for ministry with youth and young adults.  He has worked as a leader in his home parish's youth ministry programs and completed his Master’s degree in Spirituality in May 2019, focusing on Redemptorist spirituality and its implications for youth ministry.  He is currently taking part in a pastoral year in Singapore in preparation for perpetual vows as a Redemptorist.  While here, he plans to work as a member of the RMT and their mission of reaching out to the youth of Singapore.

Wendy Anne Lim

Youth Minister - School Missions

Wendy Anne has worked as an accounting assistant in a public accounting firm for a year, and in a local bank for 17 years.  There, she gained experience in many aspects of banking including training.  She has done volunteer work at "Very Special Art", a charity organization which has a programme to provide an outlet of expression for people with disabilities.  She is an active member in the Novena Church community, involving herself in the various church ministries for youths and adults.  She joined RMT in October 2017 after volunteering with the team on missions and retreats since September 2016.   


Currently, Wendy Anne coordinates the scheduling of all missions and retreats for the team, liaises with the schools and other organisations in all administrative matters, and assist in coordinating all Missions and Special Events. 







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